Terms and Conditions of City Biz 101

The main factors that maintain our relationship are the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions permit you to access and use the City Biz 101 for your business. By visiting our website, you agree to the terms and conditions we have drafted, which form a legal contract with City Biz 101. But if you agree to these terms and conditions or do not accept them, you will not be able to access our websites.


The terms “you” and “your” on this website indicate that you are browsing and viewing our content. The terms “we,” “they,” and “our” also refer to City Biz 101.

We distribute all content, including words, images, sounds, images, geographical information, and everything related. To your company, once we have received your consent. Whenever a promotional communication is made available to the community on our website and deemed “off your topic,” we ensure that you have given your consent. Its legality and consequences are your responsibility. It contains all the available data about your business, including recommendations, entries, comments, ratings, contact information, and other details.

Use of our Internet presence

Portal access

They can use our website if you accept our privacy policy. You assume all risks associated with using our website to submit material about your business, including the possibility of encountering objectionable, unhelpful, or questionable information.

Property Exploration

Notwithstanding prior notice, our website may have updates, changes, or interruptions.

Biography of the Author

Anyone must create a profile on our website and provide all necessary information to be able to use its useful functions. You are responsible for everything that happens under your login information and maintaining the confidentiality of your password. If you detect any suspicious activity using your login details on our website, you should report it to us immediately. We reserve the right to terminate your account for any reason.


You are permitted to use your login information for intimate, non-commercial purposes. To increase your credibility, we ask you to provide factual information about yourself when registering on our site.


They are not involved in and are not responsible for, any transactions or correspondence involving you and those you serve.

Changes to the Agreement register

We update or amend the conditions of the sale. You must understand and agree to our updated rules and any potential impact they may have on your site use. If the Terms of Use change, we may notify you. Continued use of our site indicates your acceptance of any changes we make to our policies, including their impact on the solutions we provide.

Content Holding

Any advertising or text appearing on our site is subject to your consent. Once published, it cannot be deleted. A written overview of yourself and your organization’s products should be included in the document. Therefore, you must ensure that all your information is accurate, factual, and reliable. It implies that everything published or stored on our website is your property. Also gives you some concepts about photos, movies, documents, and everything else.

Remember that you may be responsible if your contribution contains inaccurate or offensive knowledge.

Total restrictions

We are allowed to use your writing on multiple websites. Also, let people know that your action brought them to this page. Understand that “purpose” includes marketing your material and making copies of it for the company and others.

Proprietary Rights

With yourself and City Biz 101, all information relating to you is your property. Some of our features are user interface illustrations, architecture, reviews, and ratings. We reserve all rights in and to this website, and you are not permitted to take advantage of any indirect privilege.

General Restrictions

We do not sue others on your behalf according to our service guidelines. Please let us know if you notice any suspicious activity.

You have agreed.

Only send one fax.

You will not attempt to cheat search engine rankings or send multiple spam phrases.

Never reveal unsolicited details; accuracy about your company’s services violates editorial standards.

Comply with the protections of others, including protections related to privacy, trademarks, ethical obligations, trademarks, and public display of materials or conditions While respecting the conditions and limitations set forth by applicable law.

Never access, damage, or analyze any part of the website or information on the website using machines, spiders, web scrapers, or other mechanical tools, manipulations, or methods.

Never structure or display any part of your website in a way that promotes your business.

To prevent others from accessing restricted parts of your account and website.

Conditions for Termination of the Contract

The written agreement is always yours. However, one month’s oral notice is required before cancelling the use of our products or website.

Conditions for terminating the contract

Upon receipt of notice of cancellation, we reserve the right to close the account you created. In addition, we reserve the right to restrict or completely prohibit your use of our website without explanation. Please note that this may prevent you from reading all or part of the linked information.

Our contract details team

We do not bind you to any of our legal regulations. However, you may use our offers.

Artistic Assets

Remember that you have agreed to all aspects of our agreement, including our reservation of rights to use other websites and marketing materials with all our other marketing efforts. We reserve the right to remove or turn off any website we create for you if you decide to terminate our agreement.

Cancellation and Payment Procedures

You have two options for payment: a one-time fee or a monthly payment. The invoice, also known as the company information date, is the payment due date.

Companies can charge for more services on a rolling schedule after publishing the list of search terms at the end of each month. Each payment is non-refundable. The terms of use we include below are for your profit.