Privacy Policy of City Biz 101

Keeping your anonymity is important to keeping our connection going. We aim to safeguard client confidentiality to preserve our online community. You may be comfortable knowing that your security will be respected since we will keep your data private and secure. We promise not to disclose or release your private data to other organizations. It’s crucial to remember that we avoided revealing any significant identifying knowledge and kept every posting to our blog or board visible. We assume no duty for anything you submit on our web page. You remain responsible for maintaining privacy online. Remember that when you send or post something on our website, Business, Listing, or Reviews, you must follow the web safety rules because we will not accept any excuse.

Furthermore, we will collect technical information when you visit our website to maintain a strong bond with you. It will help us add you to our social circle to keep you updated about every moment.

Your computer operating system information, Internet Service Provider (ISP), IP location, browser type (such as Google Chrome, Bing, Internet Explorer, or other), account location, and identical products that tell you where you came from and which one you will come to next, as well as the number of times you visit our site, are included in this agreement. Your personal information and identity will not be used or disclosed. Our corporate associates and the general public may receive such details for advertising. For example, we will collect information about the number of visitors to manage advertising.

Extremely Stringent Protection

Our top priority is ensuring the security of your data by utilizing cutting-edge technology and a robust firewall. We have implemented strict measures to prevent any misuse or unauthorized access to the information you provide. However, it is essential to exercise caution as malicious individuals can still track your web activity and compromise your safety features.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time with prior notice. It involves adding, removing, or modifying sections as necessary. Modifications will be displayed on our Internet presence. By accessing our website, you signify your acceptance of all agreements between us and you. If the conditions and obligations of this privacy statement do not apply to you, we ask that you do not use our Internet presence. Your continued use indicates that you again accept these terms.

You signify your acceptance of all terms by browsing this page. Please review our terms and conditions to ensure that they meet your needs.

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