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Business Intro

At Quality Auto Repair, they take pride in operating a company that provides excellent customer service at competitive prices. We are a family-run business with over 10 years of experience running an extensive repair and upkeep facility for domestic and imported cars. We understand that you, as our customer, might think that vehicle repairs are costly and lengthy. We promise to work with you to find answers so you can keep the money you’ve already spent in your financial institution’s account. An excellent Car repair shop is a complete hub for regular maintenance. We offer trustworthy help at a fair price. Whenever you want Car maintenance or repairs, you can count on our reliable companies to provide expert advice, affordable prices, and approved materials—the best choice for periodic upkeep on your motor vehicle, SUV, car, and fleet vehicles.

Why Choose us?

Making Wagers Operates at a Reduced Price To get everything for less money, use high-quality auto repair business accounting solutions. Through our agreement, you may purchase the best car repair shop technologies. See our selection of skills. Expert Organization At Auto Repair, our team of knowledgeable and gifted experts is prepared to do repairs on the front deck. Guarantee of Satisfaction With some notice, cancellations are workable despite lasting obligations. Customers are urged to be satisfied with the financial applications used by sneaker and car repair firms. We provide a trustworthy environment and protect our clients’ precious memories whenever you need us.

Business Services

Tires and Alignment

The rims of an auto deserve to be examined when it rattles, handles, or wears down. Car alignment enhances effectiveness, extends wheel existence, and uses less fuel, contributing to your and others’ happiness. Right now, Quality Auto Repair allows you to lend people the help they need to get the vehicle back up and running as quickly as possible. Expert auto repair uses a navigation system to verify the vehicle’s location and make the necessary adjustments to return it to the required standards. Following rim angle measurements can detect whether your wheels are below the balancing boundaries your car maintenance recommends.

Oil Change

The car runs, and if you make your engine undergo regular oil changes, it will run more. The cost of changing the oil may vary, and many retailers sell cheap gasoline to save money. We only use professional motors because we want our customers to get the most out of their time at Quality Auto Repair. We also provide replacement oil deals for customers who are receiving other repairs. Also, to provide the best oil changes in Ypsilanti, MI, our certified specialists conduct comprehensive vehicle inspections.

Suspension & Brakes

Whenever any one of these indicators appears, Quality Auto Repair suggests that customers bring their cars in for an assessment, service, substitute, or change. If you need clarification on whether your automobile needs a new basis, bring it in, and we will inspect it. The automobile moves when driving on a highway. One of the ends of your car’s tires is depreciating more than the other. The outcome might say that your car is leaning one way or another.

Air & Cabin Filter Replacement

When the interior air circulation is turned off, the automobile seems and looks like it’s ventilating, and a cool breeze blows since the inside air conditioner is turned on. Every time the air circulation runs, a strange droning sound comes from the apertures. A scent comes from the connectors while the air conditioner is on. The last time the cooling equipment received maintenance was almost a year ago. It is advised to get a yearly cooling assessment to prevent future damage to the air circulation and expensive repairs. Finish the technical evaluation. Take the air unit down and put it back together to fix the damage. The entire frozen system was used to produce R-12 and R-134a. Take it out and drain the air heater. To treat transmission, use spray treatment or thermal treatment.

Battery Replacement

We must replace out our power supplies as they fail to prevent them from running out of life. Car battery substitutions deliver a range of energy options to match the specific needs of the vehicle you ride. Experts lessen the likelihood of more issues by ensuring the replacement charge is the right weight and dimensions for the vehicle you are operating. Setup needs to be completed to protect the vehicle’s wiring.

Auto Engine Diagnostic

Whatever a business’s labeling, the primary reason for buying an automobile in its initial place is to move from one phase to the next. If the combustion engine of your car isn’t operating, you won’t get far at all. If your vehicle’s powertrain isn’t working, you can’t drive it anywhere you want. Quality Auto Repair is one of many tasks that must be done now. Finding high-quality, priced car restoration in Corona might be complex.

AC Repair & Recharge

I have some incredible news to present. You might be surprised to hear that it’s possible to get your routine repairs done by going to the merchant. Yes, you may bring your automobile to Quality Auto Repair. We can help you regardless of how you save your documents. So drop by for everything from an oil change to pre-arranged or biannual testing, inside and outside filter replacements, respiration and oil checks, grease and replacement, alignments of tires, accessory replacements, and lighting, among many more services. We’ll make sure of it.


Quality Auto Repair’s technicians delight in identifying and fixing complex modifications, such as cabling problems. We can determine if the problem is with the starting point, generator, charging cables, or electricity cable. After the issue has been located, we may work together to resolve it. You allow us to inspect every component of your starting and imposing apparatus throughout our visit. You may check to see if the generator or starter is faulty, or we can check to see if both are operational, but there may be an issue with the energy link or hookup. It teaches us not to expect anything! Kindly permit us to test it.


If the electronic steering fails to function, contact Quality Auto Repair immediately. For a time, their knowledgeable auto mechanics have been able to change our clients’ opinions about auto maintenance. I’m ready to assess your car’s conditions and discuss upkeep options with you, making sure you are relaxed and getting below the controls back as soon as is practical.

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