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We are a reliable and renowned handyman service. Our team of professionals strives to go to great lengths to meet the unique requirements of each undertaking. We always maintain open lines for discussion because we want our clients to be content with our job. Nothing seems tiny! Unless you declare otherwise, the work remains unfinished. See more information about what we provide by visiting our website on platforms such as Next door, the search engine, and others. Anyone we’ve had the honor of working with receives something unique from us! We are eager to provide lifetime service to you and your loved ones. We value hard labor done traditionally. Upon completion of a task, we get a lifelong business. The work continues if it doesn’t meet your standards. Please make a reservation with us right now! Well-insured and prepared to take on any task!

Our Services

Discover excellence in home improvement with our diverse and personalized services.

Plaster & Drywall Services

Plaster & Drywall Services

All contemporary homes have drywall. Although a resilient, fireproof fabric ideal for construction, it cannot be considered impervious to harm. Handyman Services can mess-free restore your wallpaper to its original beauty, whether it’s a tiny scratch from changing equipment or a large set of cracks created by the water supply, electrical power, or other remodeling projects. Unplanned repairs can exacerbate gypsum deterioration, which may be. This is why applying a streak to the affected wall alone won’t be enough for an effective, expert-grade drywall renovation.

Door Services

Door Services

The entrance door shouldn’t make it more difficult for people to enter or exit your house. Our professionals can assist if the safety latch on your door fails, the latching function is damaged, or the door no longer swings as it once did. Whenever your front door is beyond maintenance, we may set up a new one or replace all the components of the present one. You know who to contact if the front door isn’t opening as it once did. We are going to swap out damaged clasps, originates, catches, and damaged depends, among other things. Our professionals will scrub, hydrate, and restore any bearings on swinging balcony doors to guarantee flawless functioning.

Siding Services

Siding Services

Not only can our crew of specialists mend your residence’s siding, but they are adept at resolving various typical siding issues. We are familiar with siding made of plastic, zinc, lumber, a combination, and other materials. We are wholly prepared to assist with all your property servicing and are protected and skilled. We can execute the task for you, whether you need help with siding restoration or roof replacement on the house.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Do you intend to remodel your house? Remodeling and renovating bathrooms is a terrific way to achieve it! Upgrading the restroom may provide you with more living space, but when performed, it can also yield an excellent return on your expenditure. Our handyman service may assist you with installing an updated sink, a sliding showering entrance, a stylish tile level, or all things! We know that the bathroom is one of the most used areas in your home. Our team will operate fast and try to cause as little disruption as possible to your regular schedule. We pledge to keep the place of employment tidy after the shift and will execute steps to reduce waste.

Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services man with Tools

Using genuine lumber in the layout will complement any style, regardless of what areas of your house must change. Is there a carpenter in my area that I can rely on and who has the expertise to do the task? Now, you can stop wondering! Our place of house remodeling specialists is competent and skilled architects and cabinet developers, boasting at least ten years of expertise. With all our handyman services, we provide the expertise you expect and the care and attention every inch of your house demands.

Plumbing Services

man with Tools Plumbing Services

We offer top-notch plumbing services in Santa Cruz, CA. Our knowledgeable, competent, and courteous technicians can complete any plumbing task. We offer upkeep and repair operations, including tube replacement, finding leaks, diagnostics, and repair of pressure system difficulties. Additionally, we offer plumbing work for new building projects, including constructing water furnaces, water eruptions, running drives, tension motors, lavatory places, collapse, lakes, plumbing, and pipe (PPR, PVC, GI, or elastomer).

Decks & Railing

Decks & Railing man With Tools

Your guardrail is composed of several bars alongside other related parts. Identifying the descriptions and purposes of the various parts will help you select the best deck railing system for your needs. Outdoor spaces and decks require periodic repairs. In addition to fixing broken backyard stones, cement, crystals, and stones, a handyman service may take care of all other building issues that compromise the functionality, safety, or aesthetics of the walkway or decks.

Fences & Gates

Fences & Gates man with Tools

One of the most common home remodeling requirements is the setup and upkeep of fences. Railing additionally delineates domain limits and increases the general worth of your house; it also keeps your children and pets protected. Barriers also enhance your landscape construction, reduce noise from surrounding homes and vehicles, and make a perfect place to install planting containers, bird homes, and string lights for decoration. Our handyperson services are ideal for installing new fences or providing help with repairing old ones.

Painting Services

Painting Services man with Tools

We currently provide painting of walls, home-creating artwork, and construction painting help in Santa Cruz, CA. For new construction and routine upkeep projects, you can apply paints such as whitewashing, sickness, thermoplastic fluid, enamel, Matthias, and weather shield paint. Apart from these color varieties, we also offer services for applying Soho sandy gypsum. There are two methods whereby painting services can be provided: one is that you sell the labor of the artists alone and bring all your painted supplies, or you pay for both the painter’s labor and the supplies, and we’ll deliver you with a complete solution (such as products and skills). We tell the person who received it for the most excellent tranquility of conscience.

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We from Man with Tools have turned the traditional, stressful home remodeling approach around. Luckily, we put in place failsafe, stress-proof, and disappointment-proof procedures to guarantee that you get the most straightforward renovation you’ve ever had. Although that may seem a strong assertion, we support our bombastic discourse via DEEDS. Man with Tools seems fearless in proving how much we value all facets of the property renovation project through our unparalleled Forever Assurance, meticulous attention to information, and glowing online feedback.

We adhere to a “there is no disguised” fee strategy. Every house maintenance and fixing function has an upfront fee. Should a job demand extra materials found in the field, should the client be notified of the associated costs? We are committed to providing only superior outcomes, never sacrificing integrity. It explains why a large number of our clients repeat business. Our goal is to provide you with the finest and friendliest service available.

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